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Welcome to my online venue for sharing my thoughts, stories, writings, and other various artistic endeavors. I am a Camp Director, an Artist, a Storyteller, a Trout Bum and a Unschooling / Stay-at-Home Dad. This blog is primarily dedicated to our learning experiences and adventures, each day being a new chapter in the many stories along the way… I am always interested in hearing from other homeschooling or unschooling parents, storytellers, fly fisherman, sojourners of any sort. Please visit my main website at thrasherarts.com or Email: scott@thrasherarts.com.

Coke and Mentos

Posted By on December 23, 2007

Here is a picture of Sarah and her Coke and Mentos experiement.

 cokeandmentos1.jpg  cokeandmentos21.jpg

Family in Kentucky

Posted By on November 15, 2007


Squirrel Hunting

Posted By on November 6, 2007


Annie get your gun…

Posted By on November 6, 2007

There has really been only one time in my marriage that I thought I was genuinely and perhaps legitimately, ”in trouble”.  I mean, I get ridiculed on a daily basis for something but the day I bought my 2 year old daughter a rifle was a day I was definitely in the dog house.  Okay,  okay, I’ll concede now that two years old might have been a bit premature, although as a defense of precedence, I have a friend who’s daughter received her first .22 at the baby shower.  What can I say… I was itching to get my future hunting and fishing buddy on her way.  Well, I agreed to wait until she was older and the cute as a button miniature .22 caliber Chipmunk went into the safe.  We got it out when she was five and began some safety training and this year she’s just the right size to use it.  We’ve spent some time shooting this week at the range and then did some plinking around out back in the woods with an air rifle.  She’s getting pretty good and I think if the weather cooperates… this week we’ll have the opportunity to go on her first squirrel hunt here in Kentucky.


sarah-range.jpg    sarah_pistol.jpg   sarahshooting1.jpg   sarahshooting2.jpg


Posted By on November 6, 2007

For the past couple of years Sarah has hinted around at her desire to be a Princess for Halloween.  We usually try to side track that desire and say something like… “Oh… everyone dresses as a princess… why don’t you think of something a little more interesting”.  She’ll agree and then comes up with something else far more creative.  Well recently I have been working on a series of stories about Princesses and trying them out on her at bedtime so the theme was hard to avoid this year.  So… Rapunzel it was. (Even-though Rapunzel isn’t a princess until the end of the story.) However, we don’t do anything half way when it comes to something like this so we used it as a teachable moment and went to the library to research the period styles, the origins of and variations on the story.  We hunted for the best fabrics and designed and built this period costume.  It was a lot of fun and she ultimately got to satisfy her girlie side. 

halloween2.jpg  halloween.jpg


Posted By on November 5, 2007

Every time I get back home I get the opportunity to work on my family history and genealogy projects.  I recently had a great aunt pass away who’s library yielded some new information.  This sparked a trip to Smithfield and Shelbyville Kentucky where many of my root grew.

Below is a picture of four generations on the Middelton side.  Sarah, me, my mother and my grandparents.

 Below is a picture of a grave marker at the Smithfield Commentary marking the grave of my great, great, great grandfather, Hugh Atchison.


The house my grandfather grew up in and the sign which I suspect my great grandfather made since he was the local Blacksmith in Smithfield, KY during the time it was likely erected.

middeltonhouse.jpg    smithfieldcemsign.jpg


Cincinnati Art Museum

Posted By on October 30, 2007

I took Sarah to the Cincinnati Art Museum and being the type of kid she is, she loved it.  We did a little scavenger hunt that they offer to school groups and one of the piece to find was this marble sculpture by Moses Ezekiel titled Margret Friend.  The description indicated that it was unique because the sculptor didn’t romanticize the little girl which most artist of the period would have done, yet he remained true to the somber nature of Margret Friend.  The scavenger hunt form ask you to write a short story about why you thought Margret Friend was so sturn looking.  This is what Sarah wrote.

“Margret Friend, not so sweet.

She’s got a head, but has no feet.”



Krohn Conservatory

Posted By on October 30, 2007

Went to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, OH today to study some plant life.  Had a lesson about this cotton plant and the cotton picked from it.  We love cotton!

cottonplant.jpg    cotton1.jpg

Trip to Kentucky

Posted By on October 30, 2007

Sarah and I took off for a three week trip to visit family in Kentucky.  We usually drive but this year decided that in the interest of time we’d fly.  Sarah hasn’t flown since she was two so it was a big treat.  We’ll be spending our days doing and seeing things from my home state. 


New Life Mask Project

Posted By on October 9, 2007

We re-made the life mask that we made a couple of weeks ago.  The dog got ahold of the first one and ate off the nose so we weren’t ever able to make the plaster positive.  This one came out much better since she knew what to expect this time and didn’t move quite as much.  We also talked mommy into doing one this time.

Click on thumbnails for larger images.

masktwo1.JPG   masktwo21.JPG   masktwo3.JPG

masktwo4.JPG   masktwo5.JPG   masktwo6.JPG

The “Talking Stick”

Posted By on October 4, 2007

We recently made this “Talking Stick” and have been using it with great success in our home. 

American Indian tribes used “Talking Sticks” for centuries as a tool for active and impartial listening.  The holder of the “Talking Stick” designates the person who has the right to speak and the full attention of the other parties.  The stick is passed to all who wish to be heard and as long as you hold the stick you have the floor until you feel you’ve been completely heard and understood.  A great communication tool from the American Indian that gives a great way for everyone to feel they’ve been heard. 

This also work really well as a “Story Stick” which is used the same way only the holder tells a story or a memory.  To seperate the uses of these tools, you can also decorate and designate a wooden spoon as a “Story Spoon”.  Pass it around the table after dinner and in oral tradition share family stories or memories. 

talkingstick2.JPG    talkingstick.JPG

In the kitchen today…

Posted By on October 3, 2007

Today we did our learning in the kitchen.  First we made play-dough, dyed it and then… well… played with it.  There are a lot of ways to make play-dough but one of my favorite recipes is:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • Mix until smooth and creamy and boil until thick. 
  • Divide it into equal parts and dyed it. 

Making play-dough offered some good  teachable moments. We did some measuring and talked about things like fractions and how many 1/4 cups are in 1 cup.  The differences between liquids and solids and what causes them to change from one to the other, which incidently started a conversation and a side experiement illustrating the Trinity.  Other lessons, like what happens when an alkali and an acid mix and how baking soda is a leavening agent which reacts with other things to release carbon dioxide which helps dough rise.  We also discussed other interesting things having to do with making things ourselves, being more self reliant and not needing to buy everything.

(Click on the thumbnails for larger image)

makingplaydough.JPG    makingplaydough2.JPG    makingplaydough3.JPG

After our play-dough fun we got to talking about dyes and decided to make some natural dyes from things we had in the house.  We made some vegetable dyes from beets, spinach, and carrots, then dyed fabric swatches.  She also made some very nice dye painting as well.

(Click on the thumbnails for larger image)

 veggydye.JPG    veggydye2.JPG    veggydye3.JPG 

Fly Tying

Posted By on October 3, 2007

Sarah and I have been busy lately tying flies.  For me it’s a cathartic activity to wile away the hours or months when I can’t fish . Sarah seems to have a real knack for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a real pro.  She can sit at the vise for an amazingly long time imitating the flies I make or creating her own wonderful creatures.  “Sarah’s Pink Princess”, the “Green Bean” and my favorite… “Sarah’s Ugly Fuzz”, all originals named by her.

(Click on the thumbnail for larger image)

flytying21.JPG   sarahflies.JPG  

Sarah tying flies and some of her flies…

 flytying1.JPG   daddyflies.JPG

Daddy tying flies and some of his flies.

Sweat Pea Festival Of The Arts…

Posted By on September 28, 2007

We had the opportunity to attend the three day Sweat Pea festival of the Arts in Bozeman this summer.  I was immediately in love and just couldn’t get enough.  I have seen and performed at arts festivals all over the country and never have I witnessed anything like Sweat Pea.  It was really a great festival brimming with genuine community and a mass desire to experience the arts together as a community.  I was so moved by this festival that at one point it literally brought a tear to my eye.  Maybe it’s because I hunger so much for authentic community which sadly is non existant were I currently live but whatever it was… it was cool.  If you ever get the chance to attend this festival do not hesitate it is so worth it and so perfect for families and children.  Great artist, performers, food and excellent kid events.  I’m already making plans to see if I can get involved with next years festival.  Check it out: http://www.sweatpeafestival.org



Above is the most awesone fold up portable stage I’ve ever seen. 

sweatpea5.JPG sweetpea1.JPG 

Whitewater Rafting

Posted By on September 28, 2007

After camp was finished I hosted the youth group from my home church for a little Montana adventure.  Along with taking them to Yellowstone, we had the opportunity to do a little whitewater rafting on the Gallatin.  I took Sarah along which marked her first rafting experience.  She didn’t like getting splashed which really is the nature of whitewater rafting but she came around and is still talking about it.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see her guiding someday.

(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

rafting1.JPG  rafting2.JPG  rafting3.JPG

Horseback Riding

Posted By on September 28, 2007

We couldn’t spend the summer in cowboy country without a little ride on the range.  It wasn’t looking like we’d have the chance until one of our friends from the Church offered to take us out on a few of his horses just the day before we left.  It was a great close to a great summer and Sarah being such a horse lover had the time of her life.  Her horse was named Sarah as well and was as gentle as they come.  Mine on the other hand I believe was a mighty steed with a mind of his own.   He wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to a word I said, (Kind of like my wife)  and at one point took off running like he was at the derby.  I held on for dear life and somehow managed to survive to ride another day.  Facing death, not-with-standing it was a great day.  Thanks Lloyd!


Climbing Sheep Rock

Posted By on September 28, 2007

I’ve just been going through some photos I took towards the end of the summer in Montana.  Stuff I never got around to posting and wanted to share. 

The camp sat just below a large and jagged peak called Sheep Rock.  There is a way to reach the summit by hiking in from the back side of the mountain but we never got around to doing until our last week.  I had always thought it would be too dangerous or difficult for Sarah but she begged all summer and finally I agreed.  It was pretty tough for her but we made it and it was worth it.  The first photo is the peak from the top then some looking down on the camp which sits just below.  The last photo is looking down from Sheep Rock at the Prayer Labyrinth I built this summer. 

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

sheeprock.JPG hikingmt.JPG abovecamp1.JPG labyrinth.JPG

Making a life mask…

Posted By on September 27, 2007

Tonight Sarah and I made a life mask for her.  She had a great time and once it dries we can use it to make a positive of her face in plaster and then as a mold for a mask or prosthetic make up.  It took about 30 minutes and I might add that it was the quietest 30 minutes of the day. :)   The best way to do this is to use Alginate which is a dental mold compound.  I couldn’t get my hand on any without ordering it so we used mesh plaster cut into strips.   It doesn’t make as nice a negative as alginate but I could find any without ordering it.  I think we’ll do it again soon and perhaps construct a complete bust. 

mask1.JPG mask4.JPG

Back home and all together…

Posted By on September 27, 2007



I realized today that Sarah and I have been home now for a month!    It’s been a bit difficult to return to our normal life and schedule after having spent the summer in Montana.  With the exception of being separated from Emily is was a fantastic and transforming summer.  We’ve been taking it easy and just spending time together as a family, swimming in our pool, playing with the menagerie of pets and writing letters to all our new friends from the summer.  Things are good but you can bet I’m already counting the days to when we can get back to the mountains. 

The Fly Fishing Kid

Posted By on September 27, 2007

Living on the bank of one of the best trout rivers in the country this summer was really a dream come true.  While I had many great mornings and evenings feeding my passion for fly fishing without a doubt the best part was being able to share this passion with Sarah.  Watching her begin to fly fish, tie flies and learn so much about stream biology and entomology was priceless.  One of my favorite stories this summer was when we stopped into a local fly shop and one of the guys asked us how the fishing had been.  Sarah immediately piped up before I had the chance and said, “Well, it’s been Spruce Moths in the morning and PMD’s at night”.  Meaning the trout were feeding in the morning on Spruce Moths and Pale Morning Duns in the evenings. She was a huge hit in all of the local fly shops.  She’d give regular fishing reports show off her fly creations and gained fans by teaching them all string figures.  Hard to imagine any school providing as much knowledge and experience as a summer on the river not to mention a lifetime of memories. 


Podcast Episode #4 – End of Summer Camp

Posted By on August 6, 2007

mp3.jpg Click to Play

Favorite Things…

Posted By on August 3, 2007


I asked Sarah the other night while we were eating dinner what some of her favorite memories where .  “What do you mean”.  She said.  “You know… Your favorite or the best things you can remember doing in your life.”  This was her response. 


“Coming to Rockhaven Camp!”

“Momma in Montana for a week.”

“Learning to Swim.”

“Learning about God.”

“Catching that brook trout.”

“Getting Miss Suzy.”

“Riding a two wheel bike.”

“Playing with the boys… in Kentucky.”

“The purple beach and that horse that stuck his head in our window.”

“Having the best baby sitter… my Grandmother.”

“Having the best home in Las Vegas.”

The Bird Whisperer

Posted By on August 3, 2007

sarahchicken.jpg  hummingbird2.jpg  hummingbird3.jpg  hummingbird1.jpg  sarahpinesisken.jpg   

I’ve come to realize that Sarah has some strange gift with animals.  On a number of occations this summer she has been on the front porch with our bird feeder singing to the birds who don’t seem to mind and just reached out and picked them up.  She holds them for a while and somehow seems to sooth them… then, lets them go.  They fly off or go back to the feeder.  Here are some pictures of my Bird Whisperer.  A chicken, a pine sisken, and remarkably… a hummingbird!


The Three Little Pigs


Here’s a photo of an elk we recently spotted.   


“Look Mom, this is what REAL grass looks like!”

Storytelling Show

Posted By on July 31, 2007

I’m performing a full evening of stories tonight in Bozeman at the First Presbyterian Church.  They managed to get a pretty nice spot in the Chronicle about it. 

Here is a link to the article sans the photo. 



Posted By on July 16, 2007

pals.jpg  campfriends.jpg 

The Salmonfly Hatch… June 2007

Posted By on July 16, 2007

I was fornutate enough to catch the Salmonfly hatch for a few days on the Gallatin and an afternoon on the Madison.  It’s everything they claim it to be.  The Salmonfly is the largest of the stoneflies and when they hatch the trout go nuts.  Great fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year.  Here are a few photos of salmonflies. 


Adult Salmonfly


Salmonfly Nymph


Junior Entomologist


Posted By on July 16, 2007

Here are photos of some of the wildlife we’ve seen lately.

redtail.jpg  moose.jpg  grizzlybear1.jpg  elk.jpg 

Where I fish each day, Sarah’s first trout on a fly rod and others…

fishinggallatin.jpg  madisonriver1.jpg  firstbow.jpg  behindcabingallatin1.jpg  elkbackground1.jpg   

Some catching up

Posted By on July 16, 2007

I realize it’s been a while since I made a post. 

I assure you it’s not for the lack of things to write about.  Sarah and I are having a great summer in Montana and if it weren’t for Mommy, the dogs and the cat… we might never leave.  Sarah has been a bit resistant in making podcast with me and I have had little time between camp obligations to do anything else but fish.  Which I do a lot of… 

Even though camp is in full swing I still manage to get a couple of hours on the river each morning before Sarah or the campers wake up.  During day camp we can get on the river after dinner and stay until dark.

Okay, I’ll admit I have a problem.  

Sarah has been having a great time at the day camps and the Elementary camp we had a couple of weeks ago.  She really seems to love Montana and all the people we meet.  

Emily came to visit for a week at the end of June and we enjoyed time together as a family.  We took a day trip to Yellowstone, and just generally hung out.  Sarah’s 6th birthday and my 42nd fell during that week so it was nice to be all together. 


Every father’s day Rockhaven has a summer kickoff pigroast and potluck vesper service.  Below is a picture of that yummy pig.


Podcast Episode #3 – Mouse trouble

Posted By on June 12, 2007

mp3.gif  Click to play


Here are some new photos.  The first is one of Sarah’s catches on our mouse trap line.  We figured since we’re in Mountain Man country a trap line would be appropriate. 

The next few photos were taken on the lower Madison in Bear Trap Canyon during a spectacular Caddis hatch.  If you look close you can see the billions of Caddis flies which the trout love. 

First day of camp was today and Sarah had a great time.  I worked hard and am beat.  I’ll try to post more soon.

Podcast Episode #2 – Fishing

Posted By on June 1, 2007

mp3.gif Click to play

gallatintrout4.jpg gallatintrout2.jpg

Sarah and I fishing for about 30 minutes tonight in the Gallatin just by our cabin.  This is Sarah’s fish, which in reality is 17.5 inches.  Click the link above to hear our Episode #2 Podcast.

Getting back at nature…

Posted By on May 31, 2007

The meadow is full of wildflower and today the Rocky Mountain Irises began to bloom.  Below is a picture of one of them.

Tonight I tried out this design for a marshmallow gun I read about.  I made it sitting on the front porch of the cabin where we have a bunch of bird feeders.  When I finished I tried it out by aiming at a hummingbird which to my surprise nailed square, knocking him off of the feeder.  He wasn’t happy with me but I was happy with my results.  I think I’ll make a dozen of them and wage an all camp war some night.  However, I think I’ll not be telling campers of my bull’s eye first shot… I wouldn’t want a camp full of vengeful hummingbirds.

rockymtiris.jpg  marshmgun.jpg

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Posted By on May 31, 2007

We took advantage of a nice day… (at least until about an hour ago when the thunderstorms hit) to build some of the elements in my master plan for Rockhaven’s meadow area on the east bank of the river.  Rockhaven consist of about 10 acres which is quite literally divided in half by the Gallatin River.  A river that completely cut off access to the east bank for years.  Until, a few years ago when a large donation came in to build a bridge.  Since no machinery could access the east side they designed a cantilever suspension bridge that apparently is quite rare.  A pretty cool bridge which now allows foot access to a pristine alpine meadow of 5 acres and thousands of national forest acres.

Unfortunately they really haven’t had anything to do on that side since building the bridge.  In comes Scott with grand dreams of what they should do. 

I proposed what I’ve called Trinity Meadow.  A spiritual development area that covers worship, discipleship and evangelism enrichment.  They already had a beautiful meadow and a small vesper dell so I designed a prayer labyrinth, a self guided curriculum for a prayer trail, and a low ropes challenge course.  Today, with the help of a few board members I was able to construct an 8 element Low Ropes Challenge course.  A Spider’s web, a trust fall, a whale watch, an diabolical acid river, a TP shuffle, an all aboard and a nitro-crossing.  This along with my many portables should allow Rockhaven plenty of community building opportunities this summer. 

Along with the challenge course I cleared out a couple of old storage areas to create an arts and crafts room and a program department for supplies. 

Next step… the Labyrinth. 

whalewatch.jpg   acidriver2.jpg   trustfall.jpg 

The Madison River 1

Posted By on May 28, 2007

Last night one of the board members and his family took us to dinner and to see Pirates of the Caribbean.  Our truck died and since it’s a holiday weekend we decided to just leave it until Tuesday to save on the cost of repairs.  He loaned us his mini-van for the next couple of days which was nice.  Sarah said she didn’t think it suited me though.

We took a little time off today to enjoy the break in the bad weather we’ve been having and made a little trip over to the Madison River which is one of the most famous trout rivers in the world.  I was a little annoyed at the amount of rafters and tubers on the water but it was fun for Sarah who worked on her casting and enjoyed wading in the “50 mile ripple”. 

After the Madison we made our way back to town and she fished with worms in the Bozeman pond where we managed to catch a butch of bluegill. 

After the pond we picked up some provisions at the grocery and made it back to camp just before the thunderstorms hit.  Now it’s a bit warmer but it’s raining cats and dogs.

sarahmadison07-1.jpg sarahmadison071.jpg scottmadison07-1.jpg scottmadison07.jpg

Montana Weather

Posted By on May 26, 2007

sarahpool.jpg  sarahhyalite.jpg  5-25-07.jpg  5-25-07c.jpg

Here are a few new pictures.  One taken two weeks ago at home and then the ones we took today.  It was snowing like mad this morning at around 7am and dumped about 2 inches on us but then a couple of hours later it had mostly melted.  Strange Montana weather. 


Podcast Episode #1 – Hummingbirds

Posted By on May 25, 2007

mp3.gif PLAY

Summer 2007 Podcast Episode #1 – Hummingbirds

Rockhaven Day 5

Posted By on May 25, 2007

Had a little break in the weather today for about two hours so we took a hike in the meadow and tried to identify the wildflowers growing there.  We managed to catalog about half of them before the rain and snow started back at it… so it was back to the cabin. 

The river is way to swollen to fish right now and the weather has been miserable but yesterday Sarah was getting a bit stir crazy so we went to town, did some laundry and went to see Shrek the Third.  After the movie we stopped at a little pond in dowtown Bozeman which is designated youth fishing.  Sarah tried out her new fly rod and managed to catch her first fish on a fly rod.  We watched a muskrat for awhile and then headed back to the mountain.  Still cold… still raining… when it’s not snowing. 

Rockhaven Day 2

Posted By on May 23, 2007

Made it to Rockhaven Saturday evening just at dark.  The cabin they have for the Director is basically a shed with two beds in it so after making due Saturday night we all headed into town and picked up a few things to make it a bit more user friendly.  Below is a picture of before and one of after.

 directors-cabin-sm.jpg directors-cabin-1.jpg directors-cabin-2.jpg 

We put in some shelves for my resource books, shelves and rods for our cloths, some carpet… set up a desk area for my computer and printer… a few other things and… home for the summer.  It got a bit cold the first night so we picked up another blanket for Sarah’s bed, but last night….

sarah-rockhaven-day2.jpg   sarah-rockhaven-day2-2.jpg   rockhaven-day2-2.jpg 

… snow… and about 29 degrees.  Last week we were swimming in our pool and this week we’re huddled around a space heater in a 12 x 12 cabin.  What was I thinking?

All is well though and Sarah’s is having a great time so far.  She started a journal today and has been writing in it all afternoon while I made some calls and worked on schedules for camp.  Camp is three weeks away and there is much to do.    It snowed and rained all day today and it’s a wet/cold mess so we’re staying in the cabin and waiting it out.  Today we put up a couple of bird feeders and a humming bird feeder which has already brought a number of birds and a couple of hummingbirds to watch outside our window.

I’ve had to go off my diet for the time being but for those who were keeping track… I lost 40 pounds in three months.  I’d still like to loose another 8 but that would make me thinner than I was in college so we’ll see. 

Check back often if you want to see how we’re doing.  I’m hoping to get my limited online situation resolved soon.  I have no cell service  in the canyon and I’m back on dial-up.  Roughing it! 

Yellowstone Vacation

Posted By on May 23, 2007

We took off this past week for Bozeman, which is where Sarah and I will stay for the next three months while I serve as Director for Rockhaven Camp. We decided to combine the trip up with a little vacation to Yellowstone since Emily had never been. It was a lot of fun and even though we could have stayed a week and only scratched the surface we managed to cram it into a couple of days.  We watched this grizzly sow and her cub for a long time and got some great video which I’ll try to post sometime.  Sarah loves the mountains and took a look at everything through her binoculars.  I imagine since we’ll only be an hour from Yellowstone a few more trips will happen soon.

  yellowstonegrizzly07.jpg  sarahyellowstone07.jpg sarahmommy-yellowstone07.jpg sarahdaddy-yellowstone07.jpg

click on thumbnails to enlarge

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Church Camp in Bozeman, MT

Posted By on April 5, 2007


About a month ago I found a post from a Presbyterian Church camp in Bozeman, MT who was searching for a Camp Director to manage their summer camp program.  I contacted them, sent them a resume and got the position.  It’s a three month assignment and I’ll be taking Sarah with me to be the camp girl.  It should be a great experience for us both and I am looking forward to sharing my talents for this mission.   Emily will be joining us for two or three of the weeks for some family time.  The camp is right in the middle of the some of the countries best trout fishing waters so you can expect my fishing page to get a little busy. 

Catching up

Posted By on April 5, 2007

I’ve been so bad about making post lately and there has been so much going on around the Thrasher home.  Below are a few quick catch up post. 

Omelet… Pans of Denmark

Posted By on April 5, 2007

omlett.jpgA few months ago after another bout with my back pain and finally tipping over 200 pounds I decided it was time to make a change.  So I began the Atkins diet and I have so far lost 27 pounds.  I’ve become an expert making omelets. 

Spring, means gardening…

Posted By on April 5, 2007

fish-pond.jpgsarah-and-emily-in-garden.jpg I’ve been busy lately installing a drip irrigation system in the backyard.  For the last couple of years most of my attempts at growing something green have failed.  Hand watering in the desert is a losing battle.  So I’m putting in a micro drip system.  A lot of work but it will be worth it. I also built this fish pond/waterfall while Emily and Sarah worked in the garden.  Sarah loves her garden and spends time each day caring for it and playing with the ladybugs. 


Posted By on April 5, 2007

nascar.jpgIn March Emily and I were involved with a fundraiser for a mission trip to the Gulf Coast with our church.  We worked a booth at NASCAR for the 3 day race.  Long days but we earned a lot and it was great fun.  NASCAR is a strange world.

Go to www.summerlinpc.org to find out more about our Hurricane Katrina mission.

Look… no training wheels!

Posted By on April 5, 2007

Last summer we couldn’t quite get rid of those training wheels but she hit the road with a vengance this spring and now she’s ready for the tour de france. 

 Since Sarah wants to ride her bike 24/7, I figured I’d finally get around to getting a bicycle so we can ride together.  I’ve wanted to get one for years but keep putting it off so I made the plunge.  Here is a photo of my new Trek Mountain Bike.  Sarah and I rode 6 miles the other day… and… she slept well.


Playing in the snow…

Posted By on April 5, 2007

In March Sarah and I spent some time hiking and playing on the mountain in the snow.  We had a great time building a snow girl, sled riding and letting Rio look for birds.


Recent Photos

Posted By on March 28, 2007

sarah-bunny.jpg  gallatinwinter21.jpg  idahosnow.jpg  snowbunny.jpg 

Posted By on March 7, 2007

HOME Where They Belong
Beautifully put…

Posted By on March 7, 2007

HOME Where They Belong
Beautifully put…

Home School Video

Posted By on March 7, 2007

HOME Where They Belong
Beautifully put…

For Immediate Release

Posted By on February 1, 2007



Sarah Thrasher writes, illustrates and publishes her first story book THE CAT AND THE FISH, now with Print-on-Demand Availability at Lulu.com.

January 31, 2007 – Sarah Thrasher draws on a personal experience with the story THE CAT AND THE FISH in conjunction with Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.  THE CAT AND THE FISH is a story about reconciliation and friendship born from the simple wisdom of a child. 

Please support and inspire this young artist by downloading or purchasing THE CAT AND THE FISH.  Click on the link to see Sarah’s storefront and preview her book:  http://www.lulu.com/thrasherarts



Sarah Thrasher, a 5 year old home-schooler who has a passion for art, is excited to share her debut story book.  She is an avid animal lover and collector of bottle caps, snake skins, butterflies and feather.  Sarah is already working on ideas for future books.