Fishing Journal

This is a condensed version of the journal I carry with me on my fishing trips.  I try to log each day I spend on the river or fishing.  My goal this year is to fish more than 200 days. 

Day 11 – April 21 – Headwater of the Fremont and Mammoth Creek

Fished early at the Headwaters of the Fremont River near Torrey, UT – Caught a few… nothing to speak of.  Finished the day on Mammoth Creek where I lost 3 in one hole.  Woody managed to land a few but the weather got so cold and snowy we finally headed home.

Day 10 – April 20 – Sevier River, Beaver Lake, Fremont River

1st Fished Kingston Canyon section of the Sevier River where we caught some decent fish.  Woody picked up a grandslam with a Brown, a Rainbow and a Cutthroat all in about an hour.  Great caddis hatch coming off but they weren’t looking up.  Next stop was for about an hour at Beaver Lake where we were skunked.  Fish were feeding on midges but they were too far out to reach without a float tube.  We fished the day fishing the Fremont River where we saw some really nice fish but they just weren’t interested.  We blamed it on the likelyhood of fishing pressure earlier in the day.  Sounded good and was a needed excuse. 

Day 9 – March 3 – Leeds Creek, Leeds, Utah

Fished the day at Leeds Creek with Woody.  Caught a few Bonneville Cutthroats with a 6’6″ 3 wt.

Day 8 – February 3 – Floyd Lamb Urban Pond

Windy, cold… no fish. 

Day 7 – January 26 – Floyd Lamb Urban Pond

Fished with Garth and Woody - Caught 5 or so.  Beadhead Olive Woolly bugger

Day 6 – January 23 – Floyd Lamb Urban Pond

When I can’t get to a river the nearby stocked ponds make for some casting practice and freezer stock.  Fished with Woody and Garth at Floyd Lamb State Park. They must have just stocked because fishing was really good. I had strikes on nearly every cast and probaly lost more than I caught. Caught at least 20 all from 10 to 13 inches on a Olive Green Beadhead Woolly Bugger.

Day 5 – January 17 – Yellowstone River, Livingston, MT

Fished all day with Rich Brauss on the Yellowstone. Fished below Livingston at Mayor’s Landing first and then went to below the Hwy. 89 Bridge and a fishing access downstream from the Shields River. Pretty heavy Midge hatches during midday but never even had a strike. Fished nymphs with midge droppers all day. Saw no fish activity. Beautiful day with temps touching 50, but we got skunked. For the last couple of hours we fished the Shields River from the road to where it enters the Yellowstone.  Great day with great company.

Day 4 – January 16 – East Gallatin River, Bozeman, MT

Had a couple of hours between meetings so I hit the East Gallatin for a moment.  Had a strick but left with no fish.  I love this stream through. 

Day 3 – January 15th – Lower Madison River, MT

Four day trip to Bozeman for Camp business but only have 1 day of business.  Weather is perfect 30s to upper 40s.  Fished below Beartrap canyon on the lower Madison with Jerry Crabs this afternoon after leaving the airport. Beautiful weather for mid January and I managed to catch 5 fish deep drifting nymphs.  Copper John and midge dropper. 

Day 2 – January 5th 2009  PROVO RIVER, UT

Heavy snow today, up to 12 inches but the temp. was a little better than yesterday. Armed with a little advice from the guys at Four Seasons Fy Shop we found rising fish feeding on Midge Emergers and finally were able to match the hatch enough to key in on some fish. I managed to catch 3 with many more loses on a size 22 midge emerger/dry fished below a small indicator and Woody caught 1. Drive home took 8 hours with heavy snow and fog and very slow going. Great trip and I look forward to going back. 

Fish Caught: 3 Browns - all about 13 – 14 inches

Temperature: High 22  Low 5

Day 1 – January 4th 2009  PROVO RIVER, UT

Fished with Woody and Garth on Sunday January 4 and Monday January 5th. This winter fishing trip to the Provo proved to be some of the most extreme conditions I’ve ever fished in.  The temperatures were in the single digits and icy guides and line was somewhat of a challenge to contend with.   This was the first time any of us had fished this river so we spent both days experimenting. I will definatly be back and mark the Provo as one of my go to rivers.  It’s close enough to Vegas to make weekend trips and exactly half way between Vegas and Bozeman so I’ll stop on the way to and from.  Distance from Las Vegas was 402 miles and drive time 5 hours. Lodged in Orem, UT at the Comfort Inn Visited Eddie Robinson’s fly shop in Orem, UT and Four Seasons Fly Shop in Heber City, UT.

Fish Caught: 0

Temperature: High 12  Low 1

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