Art by Sarah

Welcome to Sarah’s art gallery.


Purple Flowers




Purple Garden


Flowers in a vase (Watercolor Collage)


Flutterby (Watercolor collage)

Miss Spider and Snakes

Miss Spider and Snake Sculptures  (Paper Mache’)


Flower in Ink 3

Flowers In Ink 3

Flowers in Ink 2

Flower in Ink 2


Flower in Ink 1

Flower in Ink 1



AUTUMN   (Watercolor)



Burro in Acrylic


Ketucky Horses in Watercolor


Mommy Ostrich in ink


Giraffe and Tree in Watercolor


House in Watercolor


3 Responses to “Art by Sarah”

  1. What beautiful art your daughter has created. I love the care she has put into her work. And I love the techniques you have taught her. Some of these would be just lovely framed on a wall.


  2. Michael Orlien says:

    Dear Emily

    First of all we wish you and your family a lovely new year 2007. Now I have heard your daughters lovely voice and seen her drawings. Sarah is lucky to have so gifted parents. When we sit in our wheelchairs, Sarah will be a famous artist. Don’t push her, but give her the best can you can give her: Love and understanding.

    Thanks of lot you have been thinking of me entering your website, which I will forward to Poul.

    Lots of love to your family. Hope to keep in touch.

    Michael from Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Joanne says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful drawings! Sarah, you are very talented, keep painting!!