We have this great big room that is supposed to be a game room.  It’s as big as a two car garage and since we didn’t need a game room… naturally, we made it into our Learning Center/Studio.  It still needs paint on the wall but we haven’t decided what to do yet.  I’m going to install a bunch of pegboard and a large dry erase board but other than that it’s finished.  We got inspired and a little carried away and built a two story theatre/puppet theatre/playhouse – stage in one corner.  The front is removable making it an open stage/theatre.  There is an upper loft for reading and hiding out.  It still needs curtains.


The Art Center


 The Computer Center

puppet theatre

The Theatre







3 Responses to “Unschool”

  1. says:

    What a lovely room. We had something similar in our old house, although certainly nothing as wondrous as that theatre!!


  2. Scott,

    What a lovely world you have crafted!!! I am curious as to the journey that has led to this path.

    Have a grand Monday!!!


  3. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for the kind words and for subscribing as well… I will try not to bore you in my posts. Yeah… I’m pretty much a public school anarchist. 

    My decision to home school was something I vowed to do when I was sitting, being numbed to my creativity and individuality, in High School. I swore then, I’d never expose my child to government, institutionalized, compulsory education. I know… sounds strange coming from someone who spent 9 years in college collecting two fairly useless degrees, but ironically it was during those years that I was able to de-school myself and allow my passions and talents to finally lead.