Quick Change Weather and Pink Fishing Rods

Posted By on May 22, 2010

Sometimes Sarah gets frustrated with fly fishing and traipsing around in fast flowing rivers with me searching for trout, and it’s true, sometimes I push too hard.  She’s always asking to use a worm.  (Oh, the horror!)  So, last weekend while we were rendezvousing with Emily in Park City Utah for a visit, we picked up her first spinning rod at Cabelas.   I took Sarah fishing yesterday at a local pond to try out this new PINK spinning rod which LIGHTS UP when its reeled.  (Lord… where did I go wrong?) 

She did pretty well and managed to catch a few nice fish… this bluegill and some beautiful smallmouth bass.  Not bad. Unfortunately, the weather turned and today it’s snowing, so I guess we put the snowshoes away too soon. Snowing about a foot in the mountains…

bluegillsmallmouthmay 22 snowing

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