In 2010, I resolve to…

Posted By on January 2, 2010

I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions but there are a couple of things I am hoping to improve upon this next year and I suppose today is as good as any to get started. 

To begin with… I aim to improve upon my blogging skills.

Perhaps you have noticed that I haven’t posted to this blog in quite some time.  I assure you it has not been from lack of material or adventures to write about because there has been plenty.  My problem begins with living in a 12 x 12 cabin for 5 months and finding it difficult to get quality online time.  One day leads to another and before you know it a few months have pasted. Yes, I realize that there are ways and I can and will do better this next year.  

However, the real problem was that I began feeling I had lost focus on what I had originally set out to accomplish with this blog.  My hope was always that this would be primarily a unschooling, family and storytelling venue.  However, I started finding that I wanted to write more and more about my fly fishing experiences which don’t really fall into that category.  I’ve now stewed a while on this conflict and have decided to try running two separate blogs.  This will contain information about homeschooling, family and other artistic/creative endeavors and my new blog, will be my fly fishing only space. 

I plan on double posting for a little while while I migrate readers and organize thoughts.  That’s the plan at least.  Please check out and subscribe if it interests you and feel free to comment.  I am hoping this will inspire me to keep both focused on topic which will in turn organize my thoughts more effectively. 

There are some other things which I will expand upon in the near future like, getting out of Las Vegas, making better connections with other homeschool families, running and finishing my book. 

Until then Happy New Year!

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