A “Little” Fishing Story

Posted By on June 17, 2009

I haven’t gone fishing in a few weeks now, the rivers are all high and muddy from the spring runoff and I’ve been preparing for summer camp.  However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as they’re beginning to come back to normal – slowly but surely and if I’m not prepared for camp by now I never will be. 

Camp began this week so Saturday I decided to take a few hours and fish the Lower Madison before the impending stressful week.  Rumor had it that Salmonflies were beginning to hatch and the fishing was getting pretty good.  Sarah and I drove around for awhile trying to find a place which was conducive to my fishing, her exploring and River’s running around like a wild banshee.  Finally we found a satisfactory spot which played to our needs and I began fishing while Sarah waded around near the bank and caught aquatic insects in a seine net. 

It wasn’t long until I began catching fish, all respectful sized rainbows and browns and was having a good ole’ time picking them off on small dry flies.  Right about the time the fishing started to slow I caught a fingerling rainbow about 3 inches long.  Sarah thought this mini-fish was the cutest thing since the Jonahs Brothers and had fun talking to it and letting it swim around in the net for a few minutes before letting it go.  After the “cutest, little, baby fish in the world” she decided that I should catch more and proceeded to coach me in possible flies and locations to catch other “baby fish”.  I of course informed her that the object was not to catch the babies but the daddies.  It was about then when I hooked the largest fish of the night; a very nice rainbow which was probably about 18 inches.  I was happy, while Sarah seemed genuinely annoyed that it wasn’t cute like the other one.

I wrapped things up and we were sitting on the bank talking when a drift boat floated by with a Guide and a couple of clients aboard.  The Guide nodded to me and said something about it being a good night.  I agreed and as they floated by Sarah shouted out “My Dad caught a 3 inch fish!”  I could hear them laugh as they drifted on around the bend and leaving me with a bruised ego.  I looked over and rolled my eyes at Sarah who only shrugged her shoulders and said, “What?  It was cute!”

I think we will need to work on the art of the “fish story”.


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