A thousand boulders, a path and my aching back…

Posted By on June 4, 2009

Three summers ago I was inspired by an untouched meadow along side the Gallatin River and at the base of Sheep Rock. 

This inspiration turned into a little pet project and a mission to construct a space set apart from the distractions of the busy world to promote prayer, meditation, contemplation transformation and creativity.  After nearly three summers of icing my aching  back and lugging over a thousand boulders from the west side of the Gallatin River to the east side by way of a small foot bridge this Classic 7 Circuit Cretan Labyrinth is nearly complete. 

A Labyrinth is an ancient symbol found in many cultures which represents wholeness and simplicity.  There are a few different designs but all have a circular image and a meandering spiral path.  When most people look at a Labyrinth they immediately think maze but a Labyrinth is no maze.  Actually, it’s quite the contrary because a Labyrinth (like life) has no dead ends, there is one way in and one way out.  You can’t get lost in a Labyrinth as long as you stay on the path.  Although, just like life you may often feel lost.  A Labyrinth can be looked at as a metaphor for life’s journey.  It always reminds me that I already have what I need and should just toss away the compass and simply walk the path. 


“What we call the beginning is often the end, and to make an end is to make a beginning.”    T.S. Eliot



“Say not, ‘I have found the path of the soul.’  Say rather, ‘I have met the soul upon my path.’  Kahlil Gibran


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"Education is not the filling of a pail but a lighting of a fire". W.B. Yeats


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