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Posted By on June 1, 2009

Sarah’s been here with me for 2 weeks now and in between my work to get ready for summer camp we’ve been able to keep ourselves busy exploring the world around.  The rivers are all flooded from the spring run off so the other day I took her to a lake where we were able to catch quite a few trout. 


Sarah found this great Pandora Sphinx moth on the front porch of our cabin the other night.  She built a makeshift shelter for him and he stayed in there all night.  The next morning the two of them played until he decided that it was time to get back to what ever it was he was doing prior to his capture. 


Sarah said that I needed a hair cut.  I said okay.  Would you trust your 7 yr old to cut your hair with a pair of rusty kitchen shears?  I did. 


Sarah tying flies at night before bedtime.  It’s great not having a television or video games around.

tying flies

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