Springtime in Montana

Posted By on May 2, 2009

Well, I packed up and headed for Montana this past week and as promised, packed light.  I even had room to sleep.  To be fair I don’t have Sarah with me yet which saved space. She will join me in a few weeks and then stay until the end of the summer.  For now it’s just me and River the dog.

packed light

Spring in Montana is a strange thing.  I arrived after dark to a camp buried in almost 2 feet of snow and untouched for months.  I didn’t have a shovel so I improvised with a Rubbermaid tub lid to dig my way into the cabin.  It was snowing and about 24 or so degrees. Why do I do this?

camp April 28

These icicles curved in to the wall of the bathhouse from being blown in the wind.  


The view from my back window.

springtime in Montana

The view looking out my front door and the bunk where Sarah and I sleep that I built last summer.

             front door bunk

This is the front corner of my 12 x 12 cabin or the North Wing as I like to call it.  Here you’ll see my fly tying bench and my kitchen. 

fly tying and kitchen

This is where I’m sitting now.  This is the office or “study”. 

work area

I came a few day earlier than usual this year in part because I have a meeting this week but mainly to spend a little time fishing before the spring run off hits.  Once the run off comes I can’t fish and will be confined to my “study” preparing for camp.  The fishing is really good right now with consistent mayfly hatches in the early afternoon.  This is the first fish of my Montana season.


My fishing buddy “River” who I think is aptly named.

aptly named

It’s been warming up enough during the day to melt a little bit of the snow.  Today I began to see grass, a few Larkspurs popping up and a snow shovel that would have been helpful a few nights ago. 

Stay tuned for updates about my summer and all the adventures that await. 

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