Utah Fishing Marathon

Posted By on April 25, 2009

Woody and I took a couple of days this past week for a quick fishing marathon in Utah.  While we didn’t catch too many fish we certainly had an adventure.

First stop was Kingston Canyon on the East Fork of the Sevier River where we were able to catch a few fish and Woody made a grand slam with a Brown, a Rainbow and a Cutthroat all in about an hour.  kingston canyon rainbow

After a couple of hours at the Sevier we headed over to the Fremont River which I haven’t ever fished so was happy to make that notch.  Fishing was tough and even though we saw some very large trout, they just weren’t interested.  Left for the campground just before dark empty handed and running from a storm. 

Fremont River Utah

Tuesday we first fished the headwaters of the Fremont and picked up a few fish but nothing of any size.  We headed on up the mountain towards Fish Lake and found that the road had barely been traveled and the snow drifts on the road were getting worse the higher we went.  Just as we circled Johnson Valley Reservoir we found a family of 6 stranded in the snow.  We stopped to check on them and were shocked to discover they had been stuck in the drift and stranded since the prior day.  They had spent the night in the van with 4 kids, 1 of which had downs syndrome and a 7 yr. old!  We couldn’t believe we were the first people to travel the road since they got stuck the day before.  We set them up with sandwiches, a blanket and plenty of water and turned back for help.  About 40 minutes later we made it to the Ranger Station to make the report and send for help.  It was one of those scary situations that can turn bad very quick especially in unpredictable spring weather.  People wonder why I’m so obsessive about preparedness.  Stranded

After our stranded family excitement we headed south to the town of Hatch, UT to fish Mammoth creek.  I’ve wanted to fish this for a long time.  It was a beautiful little stream and I’ll definitely be heading back in the Fall, unfortunately it was raining and snowing pretty heavy on us making for some wet cold fishing misery.  We caught a few but eventually had to hang it up and head out due to the quickly changing weather.

Mammoth Creek

We finished this fishing marathon in our own hallmark style… freezing, cold, wet, muddy, creeping along, white knuckling it over mountain passes in windy, blizzard, whiteout conditions.  Pretty typical fishing trip.


Next fish… Montana!

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