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Gerry and I met in the Theatre Department at Northern Kentucky University somewhere around 1990 and both being comedy jugglers, soon decided to team up and develop a show.  We soon got a gig and the rest was history.  That first gig was the start of a 10 year partnership which took us to colleges all across the Midwest, theme parks, fairs, festivals and schools; corporate events, casino resorts and a couple of television appearances along the way.   It was a lot of work, often frustrating, but always fun.  We don’t perform together any longer and while I sometimes miss it, my body appreciates the transformation to storyteller, and my work now I find somewhat more meaningful and creative. 

I’ve wanted to document our show for some time but much of the footage I have is either pretty mediocre or on VHS and of course, I procrastinate.  However, the other day I uncovered some footage we took of a show with multiple camera angles and decided now was the time.  Sarah was watching with me and I realized it needed to be done for posterity sake if nothing else.  Below is our publicity write up and some highlights of one of our shows.


Scott Thrasher and Gerry Born are Vaudeville Alley, a new fashioned pair of funny-men who create a modern twist to classic comedy. These guys bring vaudeville in vogue. Vaudeville Alley

Bearing a likeness to such unforgettable teams as Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, and Laurel and Hardy, these physical comedians will smash, crash, bounce, and hurtle you into uncontrollable laughter.  

Vaudeville Alley creates unpredictable theatricality with their classic characters. Scott’s endearing childlike buffoonery is tempered by Gerry’s straight-man tolerance as they dance, sing, juggle, and invite the audience to join in with their reckless antics. Whether spinning and flipping hats, slinging razor sharp blades, or eating unbelievably hot fire, this bumbling duo redefines variety entertainment.

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