Stop Motion Animation

Posted By on March 16, 2009

Last year Sarah developed an interest in making Podcasts or radio shows.  We did this for a while and hope to make some others this summer while we’re away.  A while back she just started playing with my sound software and seeing what sort of sounds she could record.   She’s made some interesting layered vocal tracks with her doing all the voices which are a lot of fun.  She then decided she wanted to make a web show like iCarly so we spent some time making videos and editing them.  Recently she thinks she’d like to try her hand at animation.  I’ve always wanted to do this as well so we’ve been messing around with this time consuming but endlessly creative art.  This is our first claymation movie which was a whole family project… not perfect but it was a blast to make. 

Here is our little studio set up.  We used a webcam and Stop Motion Animator.



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