Leeds Creek, Utah

Posted By on March 5, 2009

I took a little spur of the moment trip to Utah on Monday to fish Leeds creek with Woody.  I’ve wanted to fish this creek for a while since it holds Bonneville cutthroat trout which I’ve never caught.

Bonneville cutthroats are really only found in parts of the Bonneville Basin and a few areas in Nevada and Wyoming.  Not all that long ago it was thought that they were extinct but some pure strains have since been found and maintained.  Good conservation efforts have brought these little beauties back in spite of some habitat damage from livestock and non-native introduction. 

Leeds is a very small trickle of a creek which runs through some beautiful red desert terrain.  It’s a bear to fish with heavy over grown brush and I was glad I brought a 7 foot 3 weight.  The very small pools and shallow runs held a surprising amount of fish which were hungry and willing to take pretty much everything we threw at them.

The fish are of course very small but absolutely beautiful. 


Bonneville Cutthroat

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