The “Talking Stick”

Posted By on October 4, 2007

We recently made this “Talking Stick” and have been using it with great success in our home. 

American Indian tribes used “Talking Sticks” for centuries as a tool for active and impartial listening.  The holder of the “Talking Stick” designates the person who has the right to speak and the full attention of the other parties.  The stick is passed to all who wish to be heard and as long as you hold the stick you have the floor until you feel you’ve been completely heard and understood.  A great communication tool from the American Indian that gives a great way for everyone to feel they’ve been heard. 

This also work really well as a “Story Stick” which is used the same way only the holder tells a story or a memory.  To seperate the uses of these tools, you can also decorate and designate a wooden spoon as a “Story Spoon”.  Pass it around the table after dinner and in oral tradition share family stories or memories. 

talkingstick2.JPG    talkingstick.JPG

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