Cincinnati Art Museum

| October 30, 2007

I took Sarah to the Cincinnati Art Museum and being the type of kid she is, she loved it.  We did a little scavenger hunt that they offer to school groups and one of the piece to find was this marble sculpture by Moses Ezekiel titled Margret Friend.  The description indicated that it was unique […]

Krohn Conservatory

| October 30, 2007

Went to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, OH today to study some plant life.  Had a lesson about this cotton plant and the cotton picked from it.  We love cotton!    

Trip to Kentucky

| October 30, 2007

Sarah and I took off for a three week trip to visit family in Kentucky.  We usually drive but this year decided that in the interest of time we’d fly.  Sarah hasn’t flown since she was two so it was a big treat.  We’ll be spending our days doing and seeing things from my home […]

New Life Mask Project

| October 9, 2007

We re-made the life mask that we made a couple of weeks ago.  The dog got ahold of the first one and ate off the nose so we weren’t ever able to make the plaster positive.  This one came out much better since she knew what to expect this time and didn’t move quite as much.  […]

The “Talking Stick”

| October 4, 2007

We recently made this “Talking Stick” and have been using it with great success in our home.  American Indian tribes used “Talking Sticks” for centuries as a tool for active and impartial listening.  The holder of the “Talking Stick” designates the person who has the right to speak and the full attention of the other […]

In the kitchen today…

| October 3, 2007

Today we did our learning in the kitchen.  First we made play-dough, dyed it and then… well… played with it.  There are a lot of ways to make play-dough but one of my favorite recipes is: 2 cups baking soda 1 1/2 cups water 1 cup cornstarch Mix until smooth and creamy and boil until thick.  […]

Fly Tying

| October 3, 2007

Sarah and I have been busy lately tying flies.  For me it’s a cathartic activity to wile away the hours or months when I can’t fish . Sarah seems to have a real knack for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a real pro.  She can sit at the vise for an amazingly long […]