Getting back at nature…

| May 31, 2007

The meadow is full of wildflower and today the Rocky Mountain Irises began to bloom.  Below is a picture of one of them. Tonight I tried out this design for a marshmallow gun I read about.  I made it sitting on the front porch of the cabin where we have a bunch of bird feeders.  […]

Low Ropes Challenge Course

| May 31, 2007

We took advantage of a nice day… (at least until about an hour ago when the thunderstorms hit) to build some of the elements in my master plan for Rockhaven’s meadow area on the east bank of the river.  Rockhaven consist of about 10 acres which is quite literally divided in half by the Gallatin […]

The Madison River 1

| May 28, 2007

Last night one of the board members and his family took us to dinner and to see Pirates of the Caribbean.  Our truck died and since it’s a holiday weekend we decided to just leave it until Tuesday to save on the cost of repairs.  He loaned us his mini-van for the next couple of […]

Montana Weather

| May 26, 2007

      Here are a few new pictures.  One taken two weeks ago at home and then the ones we took today.  It was snowing like mad this morning at around 7am and dumped about 2 inches on us but then a couple of hours later it had mostly melted.  Strange Montana weather.      

Podcast Episode #1 – Hummingbirds

| May 25, 2007

 PLAY Summer 2007 Podcast Episode #1 – Hummingbirds

Rockhaven Day 5

| May 25, 2007

Had a little break in the weather today for about two hours so we took a hike in the meadow and tried to identify the wildflowers growing there.  We managed to catalog about half of them before the rain and snow started back at it… so it was back to the cabin.  The river is […]

Rockhaven Day 2

| May 23, 2007

Made it to Rockhaven Saturday evening just at dark.  The cabin they have for the Director is basically a shed with two beds in it so after making due Saturday night we all headed into town and picked up a few things to make it a bit more user friendly.  Below is a picture of […]

Yellowstone Vacation

| May 23, 2007

We took off this past week for Bozeman, which is where Sarah and I will stay for the next three months while I serve as Director for Rockhaven Camp. We decided to combine the trip up with a little vacation to Yellowstone since Emily had never been. It was a lot of fun and even […]