Child Theology

| December 26, 2006

“Mary you have found favor with God.  You will be with child and give birth to a Son.  And you are to give him the name Jesus”.  Luke 1:30 Sarah had a small part in our Family/Youth Christmas Eve service at Church.  She was to be the voice of the Holy Spirit or Angel which would […]

Christmas Shadow Play

| December 26, 2006

This is a video of the Shadow Puppet Play Emily, Sarah and I created for Christmas at Summerlin Presbyterian Church where we attend and I am an Elder, Lay Leader and Webmaster.  Each Sunday in Advent was a different scene that represented the journey to the birth of Christ.  Sarah and I worked the puppets […]

Why I like nativities…

| December 24, 2006

I love Christmas. I pretty much love everything about Christmas. Christmas is such an undeniably magical time. No matter how hard some might try to diminish Christmas, its power to transform us into compassionate neighbors, friendly strangers and giddy children rolls on, unstoppable like a mighty river. Yes, I love Christmas. The magic of Christmas […]

Snakes at Christmas

| December 23, 2006

Written by: Sarah Thrasher Aug. 2005 Age 4 I was reminded of this story Sarah dictated to Granny Vee last year. Once there was a long snake who was trying to find food for her brothers and sisters and husband and grandmother and papa.   When something happened, she slithered right into a hole that […]

A Homemade Christmas

| December 22, 2006

Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.   Santa’s Workshop It’s been a busy few weeks.  Emily and I decided we would make everything this year.  Well… it seemed like a good idea at the time.  We could have used a few elves this year.

New Family Member

| December 22, 2006

  Click on the thumbnails to view larger images  Well it took them a while but they finally wore me down.  I am a notorious dog man and with my tongue in my cheek usually scoff at cats and cat people.  However, this Christmas I broke down (being the sap that I am) and got Sarah […]

Our Homeschool Studio

| December 22, 2006

We have this great big room that is supposed to be a game room.  It’s as big as a two car garage and since we didn’t need a game room… naturally, we made it into our Homeschool/Studio.  It still needs paint on the wall but we haven’t decided what to do yet.  I’m going to install a bunch […]

Shadow Puppet Theatre

| December 22, 2006

We build this shadow puppet theatre for 4 Advent dramas at our Church.  Each of the four Sunday’s in Advent was a different part of the Nativity story.  Week one was the three Kings following the star, week two were the Shepherds traveling, week three was Joseph and Mary on the road to Bethlehem and […]