A “Little” Fishing Story

| June 17, 2009

I haven’t gone fishing in a few weeks now, the rivers are all high and muddy from the spring runoff and I’ve been preparing for summer camp.  However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as they’re beginning to come back to normal – slowly but surely and if I’m not prepared for camp […]

Wait… did I say warm weather?

| June 7, 2009

I’m sorry… I forgot where I was for a moment; I meant to say snow.  Hang in there little tomatoes… summer will come someday.

Sowing Seeds

| June 6, 2009

I really didn’t come from a gardening family.  Well, I mean… they had a yard, planted some flowers and cut the grass; but you couldn’t really call them gardeners.  I, on the other hand have been a closet farmer for pretty much as long as I can remember.  I started a vegetable garden when I […]

A thousand boulders, a path and my aching back…

| June 4, 2009

Three summers ago I was inspired by an untouched meadow along side the Gallatin River and at the base of Sheep Rock.  This inspiration turned into a little pet project and a mission to construct a space set apart from the distractions of the busy world to promote prayer, meditation, contemplation transformation and creativity.  After […]

Report Card

| June 1, 2009

Sarah’s been here with me for 2 weeks now and in between my work to get ready for summer camp we’ve been able to keep ourselves busy exploring the world around.  The rivers are all flooded from the spring run off so the other day I took her to a lake where we were able […]

Hidden Folk: Fairies, Gnomes, and Sprites dwell here…

| June 1, 2009

I recently had the idea to build Fairy Houses as an activity with campers this summer.  It’s a great way to get down and dirty with nature while letting your imagination run wild and on top of that, it cost only time.   Yesterday, Sarah and I decided to get a start on this fragile Fairy […]

Springtime in Montana

| May 2, 2009

Well, I packed up and headed for Montana this past week and as promised, packed light.  I even had room to sleep.  To be fair I don’t have Sarah with me yet which saved space. She will join me in a few weeks and then stay until the end of the summer.  For now it’s […]

Keep it Simple Stupid!

| April 25, 2009

As I prepare to pack and load up my earth destroyer SUV for my summer Montana migration to run Rockhaven Camp I’m reflecting a little on some of the many reasons why I do it and have become so passionate about this ministry. First, it should go without saying that anyone who knows me knows […]