String Figures by Sarah

| February 19, 2009

More String Figures

| February 19, 2009

Here are some more string figure videos.

Lightening String Figure

| February 18, 2009

This is “Lightening” a great Navajo figure!

Heart String Figure

| February 17, 2009

Here is more on the String Figure pictured in my last post.  This string figure actually is only one in a series of figures.  The first figure  you’ll see in the sequence is called “Two Eyes” which is represented by the two diamonds.  Next the eyes are separated into “Eyes with bags under them” and then […]

The world on a string…

| January 20, 2007

      I love string figures and use them in my storytelling.  String figures can be found from cultures all over the world; the Navajo, the Maori, the Arctic Inuites and many others.  There are literally 1000s of figures to be discovered and learned. Sarah has caught the string bug and knows quite a few figures herself.  I […]