Hidden Folk: Fairies, Gnomes, and Sprites dwell here…

| June 1, 2009

I recently had the idea to build Fairy Houses as an activity with campers this summer.  It’s a great way to get down and dirty with nature while letting your imagination run wild and on top of that, it cost only time.   Yesterday, Sarah and I decided to get a start on this fragile Fairy […]

Mask Making Part 3 – Creating the Form and Mask

| April 2, 2009

My good friend Kirby joined us today from Tempe, AZ for a couple of days of mask making fun.  The next step of the process is to use our plaster positive as a base and create a clay form of what we want the final mask to look like.  Sarah decided to make an alien […]

Mask Making Part 2 – MAKING THE MOLD

| April 2, 2009

We’ve been continuing our mask making project this week and this video is of the second step of that process.  After creating the life mask we use plaster to poor a positive mold which once dry will be used to build a clay image that becomes the new mold for the mask.  Building it on […]


| March 29, 2009

Gerry and I met in the Theatre Department at Northern Kentucky University somewhere around 1990 and both being comedy jugglers, soon decided to team up and develop a show.  We soon got a gig and the rest was history.  That first gig was the start of a 10 year partnership which took us to colleges […]

Mask Making Part 1 – THE LIFE MASK

| March 28, 2009

My good friend Kirby is an expert mask maker and clown in Arizona.  He was my roommate at the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Clown College in 1989.  He’s coming for a visit this week to catch up a little and show me some of his mask making techniques.  I’ve had a lot of experience […]

Another animation experiment

| March 19, 2009

This is our first attempt at incorporating a voice over track.  


| March 17, 2009

Here is another stop motion animation.  This one, with the exception of a little help making the chrysalis and the adding of a title and music was created entirely by Sarah.

Stop Motion Animation

| March 16, 2009

Last year Sarah developed an interest in making Podcasts or radio shows.  We did this for a while and hope to make some others this summer while we’re away.  A while back she just started playing with my sound software and seeing what sort of sounds she could record.   She’s made some interesting layered vocal […]

New painting

| February 25, 2009

A new piece from the imagination of Sarah.

Heart Pizza

| February 25, 2009

Sarah sees hearts everywhere.  Clouds, leaves, stones… potato chips all become hearts in her eyes.  Sunday we made pizzas.

Fly Tying Dad

| February 25, 2009

I’ve been tying alot lately hoping to fill my boxes with anything I might need through this next season.  A couple of photos Sarah took with my camera.  I think she’s got a pretty good eye.

Painting a box

| February 23, 2009

After replacing our pool pump I saved the box which it arrived in for Sarah to play with.  After a couple of days playing with it in everyway possible we decided it could be a lot more fun if we were to paint it.  So, out came the paint and in no time we had […]

The “Talking Stick” Re-post

| February 22, 2009

I made a post about our Talking Stick last year but something made me think about it further and I decided to re-post and expand on this idea in greater detail.  The idea of a “Talking Stick” is something I’ve been using in my team building facilitation for years.  I use the concept to process a […]

String Figures by Sarah

| February 19, 2009

More String Figures

| February 19, 2009

Here are some more string figure videos.

Lightening String Figure

| February 18, 2009

This is “Lightening” a great Navajo figure!

Heart String Figure

| February 17, 2009

Here is more on the String Figure pictured in my last post.  This string figure actually is only one in a series of figures.  The first figure  you’ll see in the sequence is called “Two Eyes” which is represented by the two diamonds.  Next the eyes are separated into “Eyes with bags under them” and then […]

Making ginger bread cookies

| December 23, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas and into her work with some gingerbread cookies where process is more important than product.   

New Life Mask Project

| October 9, 2007

We re-made the life mask that we made a couple of weeks ago.  The dog got ahold of the first one and ate off the nose so we weren’t ever able to make the plaster positive.  This one came out much better since she knew what to expect this time and didn’t move quite as much.  […]

The “Talking Stick”

| October 4, 2007

We recently made this “Talking Stick” and have been using it with great success in our home.  American Indian tribes used “Talking Sticks” for centuries as a tool for active and impartial listening.  The holder of the “Talking Stick” designates the person who has the right to speak and the full attention of the other […]

In the kitchen today…

| October 3, 2007

Today we did our learning in the kitchen.  First we made play-dough, dyed it and then… well… played with it.  There are a lot of ways to make play-dough but one of my favorite recipes is: 2 cups baking soda 1 1/2 cups water 1 cup cornstarch Mix until smooth and creamy and boil until thick.  […]

Fly Tying

| October 3, 2007

Sarah and I have been busy lately tying flies.  For me it’s a cathartic activity to wile away the hours or months when I can’t fish . Sarah seems to have a real knack for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a real pro.  She can sit at the vise for an amazingly long […]

Making a life mask…

| September 27, 2007

Tonight Sarah and I made a life mask for her.  She had a great time and once it dries we can use it to make a positive of her face in plaster and then as a mold for a mask or prosthetic make up.  It took about 30 minutes and I might add that it […]

Sarah’s Art

| January 28, 2007

Tree and Flower

The world on a string…

| January 20, 2007

      I love string figures and use them in my storytelling.  String figures can be found from cultures all over the world; the Navajo, the Maori, the Arctic Inuites and many others.  There are literally 1000s of figures to be discovered and learned. Sarah has caught the string bug and knows quite a few figures herself.  I […]


| January 4, 2007

Here are a couple of recent art pieces by Sarah.  The flowers are done with colored inks on sized watercolor paper with long bristle brushes. Then textured with splatter from an old toothbrush.  The butterfly is watercolor.  We first painted cut a pattern from a piece of clipart.  Then traced the pattern onto a watercolor block.  Using watercolors textured with salt […]

Christmas Shadow Play

| December 26, 2006

This is a video of the Shadow Puppet Play Emily, Sarah and I created for Christmas at Summerlin Presbyterian Church where we attend and I am an Elder, Lay Leader and Webmaster.  Each Sunday in Advent was a different scene that represented the journey to the birth of Christ.  Sarah and I worked the puppets […]

Why I like nativities…

| December 24, 2006

I love Christmas. I pretty much love everything about Christmas. Christmas is such an undeniably magical time. No matter how hard some might try to diminish Christmas, its power to transform us into compassionate neighbors, friendly strangers and giddy children rolls on, unstoppable like a mighty river. Yes, I love Christmas. The magic of Christmas […]

A Homemade Christmas

| December 22, 2006

Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.   Santa’s Workshop It’s been a busy few weeks.  Emily and I decided we would make everything this year.  Well… it seemed like a good idea at the time.  We could have used a few elves this year.

Our Homeschool Studio

| December 22, 2006

We have this great big room that is supposed to be a game room.  It’s as big as a two car garage and since we didn’t need a game room… naturally, we made it into our Homeschool/Studio.  It still needs paint on the wall but we haven’t decided what to do yet.  I’m going to install a bunch […]

Shadow Puppet Theatre

| December 22, 2006

We build this shadow puppet theatre for 4 Advent dramas at our Church.  Each of the four Sunday’s in Advent was a different part of the Nativity story.  Week one was the three Kings following the star, week two were the Shepherds traveling, week three was Joseph and Mary on the road to Bethlehem and […]

Halloween 2006

| November 1, 2006

This year Sarah decided she wanted to be a flower… and if I’m envolved you can’t just be a “Flower”.  So, three versions and five days later, this is what we came up with.  The mask is built on a plastic hair band with a wire skeleton.  The pot is secured with suspenders and a […]